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Thread: A New Idea...

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    lol alright

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    Quote Originally Posted by baires0314 View Post
    Ok I'm a noob at Linkbucks but I have come up with a new idea and I feel if enough people jump on board, people could eventually really start earning, earning, and earning some more.

    We all know about with it's high traffic levels and other similar forums.

    I have created a forum to share ALL types of files (apps, ebooks, games, movies, music, tv, xxx) and as of now there are only 3 members (including me, the admin).

    If people join and start posting (using their Linkbucks links) and they get friends to join as well and come share and everyone uses their Linkbucks links then eventually there will be a high traffic level and I will never prohibit Linkbucks.

    It's hard work I know... But finding enough people to click your links to make $1 is not easy either am I right?

    So, if you have any files to share, why not register for my board, tell some friends and start uploading files and posting Linkbucks links?

    It's just a thought and I'd like to hear what you all think.

    Anyone willing to jump on board, here is the forum:
    created a forum??
    it's not so simple as u think......
    i've my own forum actually...
    everyday i've to work hard on get something new to keep member...........ETC....
    if u just do it youself
    it hard to ssuccess......
    you've to find a lot of people to help you....
    but it's very very difficult........

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsubakinomai View Post
    sorry your forum must have high traffic before i post my quality content on there. it must also be search engine friendly like this forum. fortunately pornbb is not the end of the world for me. For just $10.00 I can sell you my list of linkbucks approved adult forums that I have compiled and have been posting everyday for 1 solid month. Let me know if you are interested.
    10$.... quite expensive man.....
    can it cheaper or maybe exchange mne to u
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    Quote Originally Posted by bb88bb88bb View Post
    10$.... quite expensive man.....
    can it cheaper or maybe exchange mne to u
    $10 is cheap! Because I have over 50+ forums compiled.
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    There's already a 50+ list circulating around here. It's easy to find 50 forums ... It's hard to find 50+ forums which will generate you an income which is actually worth the 50 times posting ...
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