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Thread: (18+)My Tip For Makeing More Than 3 Cash A Day

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    Isnt this fake??? any1 saw they first picture and noticed that he got paid $ 1 when the minimum payment is $ 5
    Quote Originally Posted by HentaiSlut View Post
    Well this is my 1st post and i thought it will be great to start it wit my tips for success since every one here have tips for how they earn there money

    #1.Internet Is Porn

    #2.Money is life so is sex <_<

    Ok first i should tell you how i get more than 3 cash a day (use to be 5 but long story) Ok most of you earn your money by given out links to people and sharing gallery or whatever yea do

    What i do?

    I do nothing.YES, i do nothing and get 3 cash a day.Im too much of a lazy bastard to create linkbucks links and pass it out to people.Here is the secret to do NOTHING and get pay ^_^

    The secret is that you make a porn blog from blogger,word press or similar things that allowed porn.

    Why porn blog?

    Read rule # 1 plese.


    1.You must at least have friends (contributors ) to help you out.I have 5 good people that help on the blog.

    2.The traffic part....this is the hardest of get 100 people on my blog was not easy.Trust me on that.But good thing is that i did not even waste a penny to get them.I went to yahoo answers and many more and search for people who were looking for porn.I post videos on youtube (sexy ass chicks ) and got many views and told people on the description to go on my site.

    3.When i said the traffic part was the hard part this is harder...Porn is around the world so why wound people want to visit you lame blog? I mean there is myfreepaysite and there is porntube and more.Well guys, look.Many adult site contains virus which now 30% of perverts are not watching porn.Ok i made that 30% up but yea some people ain't watching porn because they are scare they will get the virus.With this problem you can get people to your site by telling them there is no virus in this site because your the owner or something.By the way make sure there is no virus when you say that <_<

    4.To get videos to your blog is easy...i recommend to start a site with blogger. Go to porn sites that have embed code and post all the videos to entertain your perverts friends ^_^.This is where you need rule 1.Get people as your contributes so it will be everyday new updates so people wont get bored of your site and leave.By the way don't go stealing people videos embed all the time.It contain there private home sex videos sometimes.Make sure to download porn from somewhere and upload them your self so there wont be much trouble.This is also good because you control the video so when it get removed you will know.This is also the best way get people,, put your site link on the video and upload it on the best porn site people visit the most.

    5.This is the best part ^_^.The secrete to how i do nothing and get money. Just copy one full linkbucks script and add it to your element on blogger.It will automatic make ALL pages linkbucks.One script can make you money instead if creating like 1 million links <_<.I understand the million links part but admit it....YOU GET BORED

    Most of yea will be like this guy is maybe giving us good advice but he have no proof of how much he makes.And funny if i was you i will also be thinking that.I don't follow people success without getting prove if they really success.I always want prove

    Here is my prove of how much i make

    until i was makeing 4 cash a day my blog was hacked on the 13th and it ended on 2.11.I use to have 140 people online by then.I even made 7 cash one day.Maybe that was the double pay day but whatever.After the hack as you can see my points was down and now is raising up a little be following all the tips i just gave out.

    This is my older account.I earned 84 cash in 16 days i think, trust me.But my email go hacked so there was no point of using it.That was when i had 70 most people on the site.So of 15 days i make 80 then every month i will make 160.

    1.I just found out how to really get people on your blog.Go to and buy some 3 cash traffic and see what happens to your hits. When you have a good porn blog.By the way is not a referral link.I will tell you when i want you to referral me on something.Trust me.I have not tried this trafficholder yet but my friend have more than 400 people on his blog by that.

    Well call me hentaiking instead of hentaislut.You will see alot of me on this forum now ^_^.And i see the top poster is suchintan.Who wanna bet i will beat his post in less than 2 months? Seriously i got the cash <_<.

    About me ^_^

    Im the type of guy who don't deal wit bullshits so if you have something bad to say about me i will just ignore you like you were never born.My ignore hurt by the way.It make you feel like you a ghost.Well other than that im cool and nice to talk to.Hope we all can be friends.

    One last thing.I really type everything for yea to understand in this post.But this is the only post i have spelled everything correctly.You wont see me posting like this again.Let me show you how i really chat and post on the internet

    1 last thin.I really type everythin 4 yea 2 understand in this post.But this is the only post i have spelled everythin correctly...u wont c me posting like this again.Let me show u how i really post on the net.

    You see the different? Good luck on your money makeing and linkbucks RULES
    Earn easy cash($$$) for uploading,Uploading

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geniusguy25 View Post
    Isnt this fake??? any1 saw they first picture and noticed that he got paid $ 1 when the minimum payment is $ 5
    I don't think so... Maybe he requested $11 to payout and LB paid him the $1 18 minutes later...

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    no its not fake. he was my #1 star ref, but now he stopped

    anyways, i got credited all that money, so not fake

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolbudy View Post
    Nice Earning Thanks.
    I have noticed you have been making those kind of comments all over the forum.

    Please don'r make worthless posts.
    Join the best and only PTC I trust: Neobux

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    i get more than 10 dollar per day last month. but its bonus money. u much chose a better file host for it bro. i can proof it. i m not a laier. What is ur blog name buddy?? can we share member??
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    Does he not post anymore?

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    hi. i have mad one at blogger, please forgive the ignorance, but where exactly do i paste the full linkbucks script? can you be specific?

    i got tired of linking every video that i posted. until i saw this. where exactly do i paste it?

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