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Thread: Help: Adsense and Linkbucks on same page

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    Question Help: Adsense and Linkbucks on same page

    Hi all,
    I am new to linkbucks. I hope someone more experienced can share with me their solution. It would be much appreciated.

    I have a website with 1000++ page views a day but I run adsense on it. I want to add linkbucks as I have many outgoing links. I plan to use the full page script within the body tag in all the pages. However I am uncertain on how it will affect the adsense ads. I want a perfect solution from someone who is doing this successfully without jeopardizing the Adsense account and revenue.

    Is it possible to do a proper exclusion for adsense ads and also what are the sites i need to add. There seems to be more than one.

    Something I can offer.
    I have read tutorials posted here, seems other members use galleries. I have a full blown user contributed gallery of over 3 years uptime at (i know certain linkbucks members are using it - i am the admin of the site). feel free to use it for your purposes it is a very clean gallery and the users are all very behaved with their uploads. Which is why the number of features offered is the best there is out there. If you can use it to benefit I will be glad too.
    p.s. is not the site in my question.

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    I've the exact same doubt.. I hope someone clears it..

    I'm really looking forward to someone more experienced to answer it at the earliest.

    My personal feeling is that Adsense Ads will not be affected as they are brought in by an external script, which is not a hyperlink..

    I would however prefer someone more experienced to do the answering..

    Thanks to the original poster for bringing up the question..

    btw, what is your website??

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    yes i second myself. We need a sure solution for this from the linkbucks team.

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    I have a full linkbucks page script on my website and i use google ads, it works perfectly fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan958 View Post
    I have a full linkbucks page script on my website and i use google ads, it works perfectly fine.
    Oh thats great.
    Care to share what exclusions or technique you are using? It would be much appreciated.

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