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Thread: (Tutorial) Make + $50 a day with Enviro

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    Thumbs up (Tutorial) Make + $50 a day with Enviro

    Enviro - $.23 -.45 Per Download!($230-450 per 1k dls)

    Enviro is an affiliate supported file-sharing service. That means you, as an affiliate, get to receive money for getting other people (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) to download files you have uploaded to your account.

    What makes EF better than other pay-per-download site?
    -you will never accrue bad downloads
    -it is a business model built for long-term user friendliness and success
    -EnviroFILE is more advanced than other current pay-per-download sites.
    -We KNOW we get paid for ALL downloads and pass that on to you

    Some of the many great features:
    -Minimum to payout is 10$
    -5 tier levels, from 0,23 to 0,45 per download
    -offers for almost every country
    -5% referral commision
    -very helpfull staff&forum
    -based on net30
    -user friendly and JS ignorant download page
    -international download support
    -When the Tier rate changes (based on how many downloads I have accumulated), my earnings for ALL of my downloads are reflected by the new Tier Rate.

    Here is payment proof

    Register Envior


    The E-Book Method(by play_avi)

    1st Step-Getting Some Ebooks...
    Many People Like to read Ebooks than some simply Books....So this will really work for you.

    2nd Step-Uploading and suffixing as well as watermarking
    To make your blog popular you must always use the suffix of your blog such as in the
    download link as well as all your ebooks screenshots or front page must have a link written of your website or blog

    3rd Step-Indexing Your Files in a blog...
    So Prepare a blog u can use go and prepare one very easily with any problem..Its really very simple.

    4th Step-The Last But not the least...Advertising Your Links....
    To Advertise your blog links you can use many method...
    Such as:

    1 - Youtube-Create a promotional Video and say good things about your blog and make it popular.

    2- Torrent-Just Upload some ebooks in the torrent sites and add a text document written as More Downloads or More Ebooks and write your blog address in the text document.

    3 - Forums-You can use to advertise your blog in many traffic rich sites..

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    nice tutorial ..

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    No bad downloads ? Ok, but what are the countries counted ??

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    play_avi is a SHARECASH user btw

    and with that method you WILL NOT earn $50 a day

    PeaceBreaker3 [Sharecash VIP Member]

    PS: @jenat You suck.

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    Thanks you for this good tutorial mate
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    I said that is not my method .

    I don't think so that is also yours .You copied from sharecash forum

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    You do realize Enviro has only paid 2 members.Which BOTH are on this forum saying its sooo good and you're claming you can make this much. But you have shown no proof, plus you copy a guide blatantly .

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