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Thread: Search Engine

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    I do not know what you want to say. I clicked on this link but find error page so how can we understand what it is!

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    # Proven technology -- used by over 100,000 websites
    # Full on-demand re-indexing -- your whole site, anytime you want it
    # Scheduled re-indexing -- have your site re-indexed as often as daily
    # Complete templating -- give the results the look and feel of your site
    # Adjustable relevance scoring -- tune the results for your site
    # Flexible searching -- use simple searching or advanced boolean expressions
    # Stemming and stopwords -- in multiple languages
    # Phrase matching -- choose from exact phrase, near phrase or far phrase
    # Word index -- shows every word used on your site
    # PDF indexing -- include your PDF files in your search results

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    My favorite search engine is Google.. it's world best search engine. The good think i like about this search engine it's provide me fast and accurate results.

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    Google is my most favorite search engine. You can find everything almost in every language of the world thats why i love to use it

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    Thanks for sharing buddy.

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    When you mention the name of search engine without Google is incomplete lists of search engine. Because Google is king of all search engines.

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    my most favorite search engine it is

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    what is this.. every one saying google is my favourite search engine... who asking that???

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