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Thread: [payment proof] earn easy??Plz Follow me u can now EARN $1,000 per month Not F

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    Arrow [payment proof] earn easy??Plz Follow me u can now EARN $1,000 per month Not F

    Hey Friendz

    I knew u think its FAKE or like SCAM but brothers Trust me before I joined I also think just like you but when I try I surprised it WORKS!!!

    NOTE: Please Read this carefully before you join because if donít follow these steps then I m not responsible to wastage of your time

    Today Earning on net is so difficult bcoz of SCAM Sites but friendz now I have found the way to earn money easily from Net.

    Just Relax and read carefully this to spent only 5 minutes then can surly appreciate me and able to began your earning also

    PayPal & Alertpay verified sites Clickersheaven and Clickmonster has solved our problem now

    You do nothing just register on below two links and do below easy steps

    1. View adds from going to earning Area on daily basis which take 2 hours Approx.

    2. you will earn (clickersheaven = $3.90 daily) (Clickmonter = $7.60 daily)

    3. So if we total both sites earning it will become $11.50 daily and monthly $11.50 x 30 = $345.00

    4. Now off course you will also promote these sites so the promotion earning calculation is 0.08 x No. of clicks

    5. If you promote 100 members daily which means you refer 100 member to view these sites behalf of you then you can EARN $0.08 x 100 = $ 8 daily and monthly is $8 x 30 = $240. This is so easy just go to any forum or site and place your link 100 member will turn easily Click to your link

    6. Now your daily clicking amount is $345.00 + your daily promotion amount is $240 = $585. This is sooooooo lowest amount which you can earn just spending 3 Hours. 1st two hours to click adds from going to earning area and 3rd hour to promote your link

    7. If one of you think that this Scam or FAKE then you check Payment Proofs on these sites

    Note: can you believe me? I start this program just 3rd of Jan 2010 with lots of -ve thinking and much more hesitation but now I have 500 to 700 daily hits which means 500 x .08 = $40 and monthly $1200. Its not impossible just try once you can also earn.

    So doesnít waist your time now and click below Links register yourself and start your earning from now.

    for Tips & Tricks contact me at [ [email protected] ]

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    where is the payment proof??

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    contact with me at [email protected] for screenshot

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    How long do they take to pay after payout request?

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