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Site Description

CPALead.com is a unique advertising and pay-per-action program that makes it possible for people to earn money from the visitors that come to their websites. Using special software and code, the program allows its members to place surveys and promotional offers on their websites. When visitors take the surveys or complete the offers, the website owner receives a commission.

Detailed Overview

CPA stands for “cost per action”, and that is what is behind the CPALead.com program. Website owners, if they qualify for the program, can put a special HTML code in their websites that will activate the program when they get a visitor. The program actually blocks access to their website content until a viewer takes a certain action.

In order for your website to qualify to participate in the CPALead.com program, it has to meet certain criteria. It must be a website that provides a certain type of content—content that people are more likely to be eager to get to. This includes poker sites, music download sites and sites that run multi-player games.

CPALead.com uses a program called the Premium Content Tool Gateway. The program is installed in your participating website through HTML code. Once installed, it puts itself between your visitor and your content; informing the visitor that they must fill out a survey before being able to access your content. When the visitor fills out the survey (or completes an offer, since this is what is often presented), you receive a commission.

Obviously there are advantages and disadvantages of belong to CPALead.com. The advantage is that if your website content is popular enough, you’re going to get a lot of commissions. The disadvantage is that you could lose return visitors to your website who won’t take kindly to not being able to instantly access your content.

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