I want to ask you if you know with what frequency I can post in free classifieds sites like craiglist (as I am willing to employ this method to obtain referrals) without be considered as a spammer.Once a day? Once per 3 days?.Also I want to know if you know the frequency allowed on average that it can be posted (in the proper section of course) in the earning money forums.I would also appreciate it if you can share with me some tips so as to reply a thread advertising linkbucks and so attract the attention (maybe by revealing characteristics of the program each time i post but this doesn't convince me a lot or with updates of my blog but I don't update it too much )

BTW do you know any way of avoiding the captchas that some of this free classifieds have? (I'm not talking of spamming I know that in the end is counterproductive but to automate some things they're really annoying)

Thanks a lot for your feedback