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Thread: Full Page Script in SMF

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    Default Full Page Script in SMF

    Full Page Script in SMF
    You just add the code it generates to every page right before the </body>

    Error Error

    I have a forum in SMF
    I want to add full page script..
    Any here can help me??

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    what is smf? I suggest getting an addon for your forum and try to and the script there otherwise go to your template layout and add your jabascript sorry typing from my iphone so excuse me add it to an open space where you edit your template!

    EDIT: SMF uses PHPBB so follow this thread:
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    Thank tsubakinomai.

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    By joining this page you can get the full large view of this script. Mostly there is school assignment help the link that can present the ideal ways of producing the site that can show much regarding the script.

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    You should get an addon for your forum.
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