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Thread: LINKBUCKS TUTORIAL & FAQ - Read before asking questions

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    Default LINKBUCKS TUTORIAL & FAQ - Read before asking questions

    There are lots of beginners (or not so beginners) who ask for the same thing over and over (How many times have we seen a new thread asking "what ad type pays the most?" or "how to I start making money" or the famous "I have 5 clicks but my earnings are stil at 0$" )... We gladly help those who ask these questions but it would be better if they had a thread where they could find all what they are searching for... So I created the "LINKBUCKS TUTORIAL AND FAQ" Thread... Post comments and I will add things that I have forgotten ^^... Let's get started:


    1:TUTORIAL (How to make money with linkbucks?)
    -1.1: How does it works? (step by step guide)
    -1.2: Earning Methods
    --1.2.1: The Gallery-Dump method
    --1.2.2: The Forums method (+18 and -18)
    --- The "Single Thread" method
    --- The "Megathread" method
    --- The "Smart" method
    --1.2.3: The Combi methods
    --- The Sharedimages method
    --- The Depositfiles method
    --1.2.4: The Website Method
    -1.3: Maximize your earnings

    2:FAQ (All your questions answered)
    -2.1: What Ad type pays the most?
    -2.2: Why do I have 0,00$ when I have 5 clicks on my links?
    -2.3: I contacted support and I have not received any answer... Why?
    -2.4: Can I cloak my links twice with linkbucks and tinyurl/mysafelink/...?
    -2.5: Is paypal the only one payment method aviable?
    -2.6: What is the minimum to cashout and how many time have I got to wait for receiving it?
    -2.7: I putted the fullpage script on my website, but my links are not being converted...
    -2.8: Where can I find/post payment proofs?
    -2.9: What is performance score?
    -2.10: If I have a 90% performance score, why do i get 0,05$ for 1000 clicks?
    -2.11: How can I raise my performance score?
    -2.12: Can I see where my clicks are coming from? (Website/Country)
    -2.13: My account has been hacked, what should I do?
    -2.14: What are the rules of the linkbucks forums and who is the moderator?
    -2.15: Why can't I put images on my signature on the forums? Can I post referral links?
    -2.16: Can I have more than 1 account?
    -2.17: How does the referral system work?
    -2.18: Why can't I create top-banner ads on certain sites? (Intermission are created instead)
    -2.19: "Server is too busy" right now, will I lose all my earnings? Has the site gone down forever?
    -2.20: What are the "Alias URLs"?
    -2.21: Why can't I convert a list of links with the multiple links creator?
    -2.22: Can I convert Html/BBcode directly into linkbucks links?
    -2.23: Will linkbucks lower my pagerank if I put links on my website?
    -2.24: Why is linkbucks better than any other similar service?
    -2.25: Can I cancel my payment once requested?
    -2.26: If popup ads are blocked, Do I still earn money when someone clicks on them?
    -2.27: If someone skips the ad on intermission adtype, will I still earn money?
    -2.28: Can I cloak my linkbucks referral link?
    -2.29: If a user open many links at the same time, will I still get paid for all of them?
    -2.30: Can I purchase referrals? Can I recycle my referrals if they are not active?
    -2.31: Why are adult ads showing when I selected "Clean content" for my links?
    -2.32: Can I click my own links? Can I use a bot or a macro for that purpose?
    -2.33: Is there any limit for the clicks you receive on one day? Is there any IP limit?
    -2.34: Where can I find the full terms of service of linkbucks?
    -2.35: My question has been not answered here... Where/Who should I ask?


    1:TUTORIAL (How to make money with linkbucks?)

    In this section you will learn how to:

    -Start making money with linkbucks, step by step (for beginners)
    -Use different methods to make more money from linkbucks
    -Use different tips and advanced methods to earn even more money, and also use linkbucks with another programs to earn money from them also.

    I learned all these methods by surfing the forums and the internet for a long time... And I think it's better to have them grouped in one place where you can check and compare all of them. Scroll down to start learning ^^

    1.1: How does it works? (step by step guide)

    Linkbucks is a PTP site (that means "Paid To Post", in this case the things we post are links, pictures,...) where you earn money when someone click a link that you made with linkbucks... The multiple options when converting links, the different ad types, the different alias URL's and the rates (2-3 times higher than any program of this kind) make linkbucks the best program of this kind to make money online fast and easy... On this little guide I will teach you how to start from the very beggining, and when you are used to it, you can learn more methods that will earn you even more cash. But let's start with the basics:

    1: Click here to register on linkbucks if you are not already registered (Just fill the form, and ensure your Paypal e-mail adress is written corectly)

    2: Log in on linkbucks, putting your username and password on the boxes at the top-left corner... You will see something like this: Screenshot #1... Let's explain all the things on that screenshot:

    --1: The "Blog" Tab: Here you will see the most important announcements and changes linkbucks has made (Payment processors, payment delays and any other kind of info). This will appear the first when you go to
    --2: The "Manage Links" Tab: Here you will see all the links you have created with the "Create links" Tab, as well as the number of visits they have received or the grup they belong, the ad type, etc...
    --3: The "Create links" Tab: The most important tab on the site; This is where you convert your normal links into paying ones. We will see more about this tab later on this same tutorial.
    --4: The "Earnings" Tab: This is where you request payment when you have reached at least 5$, also you can see your detailed earnings or clicks you receive on each day, as well as other payment requests.
    --5: The "Referrals" Tab: Here you will see your 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier referrals, as well as the money they earn you and you referral code to get them.
    --6: The "Get Help" Tab: This is where you get info about linkbucks... But this tutorial and this FAQ is far better ^^

    --A: The "Today's earnings" Box: This will display your current earnings for the day (This includes your referral earnings as well)
    --B: The "Yesterday's Earnings" Box: This will display the money you earned yesterday (Referral earnings also included)
    --C: The "Earnings this month" Box: here you will see the money you earned from the beginning of this month to the actual date (Even if you cashout, this number will not decrease)
    --D: The "Unpaid Balance" Box: This shows the earnings on your linkbucks account that have not been sent to Paypal yet (Even if you requested payment)
    --E: The "Performance Score" Box: This will display your performance score. Performance score reflects where your traffic is coming from, and the higher, the better.

    --F: The "Update Account" Tab: On this tab you can change your profile, Paypal account, e-mail, password,...
    --G: The "Forums" Tab: This will send you to this GREAT forum, where you can find info and ask questions.
    --H: The "logout" Tab: This will log you out from linkbucks (Close your session) so no one can enter your account if you are at a shared computer.

    That's all, I think... Let's continue.

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