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Thread: LINKBUCKS TUTORIAL & FAQ - Read before asking questions

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    --E: The "Performance Score" Box: This will display your performance score. Performance score reflects where your traffic is coming from, and the higher, the better.
    I'm sorry but this explains nothing of what "performance score" is what should I do to make it better.

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    in your threads


    Performance score = where your traffic is coming from. If its 100% then all your traffic is coming from US.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steffi View Post
    May I suggest targeting such countries such as :

    The best :
    1 - United States, United Kingdom, Canada.

    Somewhat Okay :
    2 - Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Lichenstein, Luxembourg, France.

    Not really good at all :
    3 - Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Australia, Japan, India, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Monaco, and New Zealand.
    The higher your performance the higher your earnings.
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    Default Click on my link please !!!

    (edited no one wants to click your link. -gm42)
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    Is there a list with forums where we can share our LB galleries?

    I just know GalleryDump.

    Thanks and have a nice week! <3

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    Wow, what an excellent tutorial! No doubt this will be very helpful for a great amount of people.
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    Default what the hell??

    Do linkbuck have pop up banner like you say??? are you post this thread for linkbuck or other site??
    Quote Originally Posted by jsemi11 View Post
    1.3: Maximize your earnings

    Now we have seen all the methods for earning cash, but if they are not used properly, they can result on earning less or earning nothing... Here we will see some tips to get more earnings:

    1.- Use POPUP Ad type always when you post galleries. This is the most important rule if you don't want people to click only 1 link instead of 30 also people will not get annoyed ^^

    2.- Don't post all your galleries at once. Either if it is the gallery-dump or the forums method you will get less clicks.

    3.- Don't post more than 6 galleries a day (3 on some cases). Posting more will get you banned from any forum, and also you will run out of pics faster.

    4.- Get as many referrals as possible. Referrals will earn you more money even if you are doing nothing.

    For more tips, you can go to this thread: More linkbucks tips



    2.1: What Ad type pays the most?

    You have 3 Advertisement Types: Intermission, Popup and Top Banner.

    -Intermission ads: 1$/2000 clicks. They pay the most but they are the more annoying, as they make the user wait 15 seconds before redirecting to the site (The ad can be skipped if the user clicks on a button).

    -Popup ads: 1$/2500 clicks. They pay a bit less than intermission, but they are not very annoying. On top of that most of them are blocked by any Popup blocker and you will still get paid for it.

    -Top banner ads: 1$/4545 clicks. They pay the least and supposedly they are less annoying than the other types.

    As my personal recommendation, I use popups for galleries on forums and multiple links in general, and intermission for all the other links (I don't use top banner ads)

    2.2: Why do I have 0,00$ when I have 5 clicks on my links?

    This is a question that is asked a lot of times on the forums:

    Even if you have 5 clicks on an intermission ad and with a 100% performance, you will need at least 20 clicks to earn 0.01$ (1$/2000 clicks-->0.1$/200 clicks-->0.01$/20 clicks).

    You will see your earnings go up when you have received at least 20 clicks (This may vary due to the ad type and your performance) but that does not mean you have not earned anything, in fact you would have earned 0.0025$ but Linkbucks only counts 2 decimal digits ^^

    2.3: I contacted support and I have not received any answer... Why?

    There has been problems with support lately and they don't answer some questions.

    The best way is to contact them again and again until you get an answer. they are going to improve their support system so don't worry.

    2.4: Can I cloak my links twice with linkbucks and tinyurl/mysafelink/...?

    You cannot cloak a link twice, because linkbucks will not let you do it. But you can cloak a linkbucks link with mysafelink, tinyurl... But never cloak a mysafelink or tinyurl link int a linkbucks one.

    Allowed cloakings:

    -Linkbucks----->Mysafelink, tinyurls (link forwarding systems that do not pay)

    Not allowed cloakings:

    -Mysafelink, tinyurls (link forwarding systems that do not pay)----->Linkbucks
    -link forwarding systems that do pay (losercash, urlcash,linkbucks,...)----->Linkbucks

    So be careful as you could be banned from linkbucks for doing a forbidden cloaking with another site.

    2.5: Is paypal the only one payment method aviable?

    No, recently they added 2 more payment options: moneybookers and Epassporte.

    So you can now be paid via Paypal, Moneybookers or Epassporte with no fees involved, as always.

    FAQ To be finished in a couple weeks

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    Thank you jsemi11 for the tutorials! it help me make more money

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    Great Hope I make more money

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    Ok I understand now but what do you think of what I'm planning to do? I mean to post 3 galleries per hour in each forum, 4 hours per day and use 24 pics/gallery? According to what sudiptadas and tsubakinomai said that would not be considered as spam, what's your opinion?

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