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Thread: LINKBUCKS TUTORIAL & FAQ - Read before asking questions

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    I created a blog. i used blogger because thumblogger was not working for me. as they dont have good themes and if a site lacks looks its not good, so i started with blogger. My Blog

    I m planning to move to soon.

    now i want to know do u know any facebook or similar group where i can share my content. this will increase my blog traffic. Any other idea is also welcome. I run three different blogs n this one is only adult. So Plz suggest me some good tips.

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    Don't think this question was on the thread, but what's a DECENT way to improve traffic? Not traffic like 300 visitors, more like 1000s Anyone know methods of advertising to get that much traffic? Thanks

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    Here I have collected the most effective and important methods, from the most easy to the most advanced; Of course you don't have to use them all, only the ones that fit your content or the ones that require less time... Scroll down to start earning serious money from linkbucks!

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    Thats a good post. I wondering that how did a guy got the link like this one. visit that link and please explain me how to do that.

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    Default how to make money from linkbucks

    i don't know how to make money from linkbucks. I want to earn money from linkbucks.
    Help me to earn money from linkbucks.

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    If a user clicks 10 different linkbuck$ links on my website, how many clicks are counted, 1 or 10? Thank you.

    LE: Ok, now I see I got an answer on a thread opened by me some weeks ago, apparently it`s about 10 clicks/IP. Thank you.
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    Default thanks for this

    just created an account about 4 minutes ago, so this looks like a good place for me to start - thanks

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    Would it be okay to create a tip jar with Linkbucks, or "click jar?"

    Basically, I post the link on my artist page, give a brief description of what they have to do to tip me, and that there is zero obligation to click, even if it is appreciated.

    As an artist, I'm eager to see if I can use the program in this manner.

    With no obligation or begging to click, I wouldn't see the issue with such, but it always helps to see what the position on such things is before proceeding. =]

    Question Number Two:

    Would it be okay to put a banner on a traffic exchange, and have that banner lead to a paid link? Since the banner ONLY gets clicked if the person's interested in what I'm advertising, I don't see an issue, but I just want to be sure.
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    Thank you for the great tutorial. I wanted to know is it o.k that I post in non adult forums as I post mainly in money making forums etc and on social sites like FB and ismagic site.

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