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Thread: Make Money Playing this Game and Sharing your Links

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    Default Make Money Playing this Game and Sharing your Links

    Hey dudes!!

    I found this game from a friend of mine.

    This is a browser game where you are on the year 1777 and you can fight with players, have slaves, sell things, buy things, like that time ..

    You can easy earn gold (game currency) from selling slaves, you get slaves defeating players, they will auto become your slaves.

    Then when you have 8 gold you can trade for 1€.

    Proof from other players:
    I have no proof yet because i started yesterday.

    You can Open a Account here and start playing.

    Sharing Linkbucks links:
    You can get a job at the newspapper then you can make a topic about whatever you want, then at the body you can put a linkbucks link. First i think by viewing your topic you get paid in gold (game currency) then if they click your linkbucks link you know the rest.. xD

    Hope you guys make a lot of money like there are players making.

    Thanks a lot
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    Does the game have any rules agains linkbucks links ?
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    This guy is really something special. I've seen him post a few tutorials and then he just leaves. He doesn't respond to any posts or anything. Anyway, I tried this and it sucks.
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    Looks like pure bunk to me.

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    I used to use a sms money making app from

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    I came to know about do game. I can know about the steps to play it look at this site . It is good to know about the steps to play it. I came to know about the level and passes of the game. Try to share more such topics.

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