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Thread: Full Page Script "Bad Request" Problem

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    Red face

    Me too, Same problem! please fix it ASAP

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    Yup.. still getting bad request.

    Looks like it's just the fullpage script not working.
    and of course. thats what i use. huh huh.
    Hope they gets it fixed soon.

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    fullpage script not working, support totaly ignoring emails those sharecash spammers controling this forum.......good thing i started to slowly moving everything to urlcash for my blogs these couple of weeks
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    I'm giving LB till tomorrow, if nothing change I'm going to remove all fullpage script.

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    Default Full Page script

    Have had to remove this off 12 blogs, Is this going to be repaired or is it no longer supported

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    Quote Originally Posted by rietveldg View Post
    Is this going to be repaired or is it no longer supported
    I haven't read one response from anyone with Linkbucks authority. Seems everyone has jumped ship.
    This is reminiscent to when their sub-domain viraldatabase expired and it took them a good week to realize it had expired.
    (as this message board, their blog and support filled up with complaints)

    Dr.Money wrote:

    Keep on Linkbucks-ing and also we have revamped our staff and making huge improvements to the site. Thanks all, have a safe and productive new year
    ^^ hahaha ... I wonder which site he is referring to because it sure is not this one ^^


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    Thumbs down Disappointed by Linkbucks

    I hope they do recognize this error soon because if it takes too long, they will feel a rapid increase of account deletions and account abandonment. Lets hope the guys of Linkbucks are in to this problem already.

    Are there any alternatives to Linkbucks that offer the same options but generate an even greater amount of cash?

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    I have a lot of links in my blog and any of them are working:

    I can't use single link because it would take a lot!
    Please fix this ASAP! Thank you very much

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    Question Hacked??

    Is Linkbucks hacked or what? hahaha there is a big picture of Michael Jackson in the top of the website... lol

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    wow, its funny! Who's bad?
    Michael: Annie are you ok? Are you ok? Are you ok Annie?
    Annie: Ouch! No michael, im using Linkbucks this weekend.

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