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Thread: Youtube traffic thieves.

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    Default *NEW* How To Make High Traffic IN YOUTUBE VIDEOS

    1. Gaining views to your videos.
    2. tags.
    3. Description.
    4. thumbnail.
    5. how to monetize your traffic.

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    download this to say thanks
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    read and see!!!

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    show me your 100.000$ as a proof else another scam

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    Quote Originally Posted by krotkin6748222 View Post
    show me your 100.000$ as a proof else another scam
    is not a program, is a book in pdf format to promote your youtube videos for sharecash or linkbucks fast and generate high traffic ok. high traffic=more cash
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    You tuber wants to get more views on his video and earn money huge in the form of passive income. If you are You tuber then you must visit for the proper information of you tube video SEO to viral your videos.

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    I want my blog to be rank on google first ten or twenty results and my site is breakfast recipes taste. Purpose of this site is to provide healthy recipes to all chefs and visitors who are wiling to live healthy life. I optimized title and meta descriptions for that in addition to this I follow my competitor to make my website like them but I did not success. Kindly let me know please if you have any tips for best optimization.

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    You tube are used by every person and sometime there is heavy load in the sending request of YouTube to the processor. To follow this you should know that how virus transfer from person to person.

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    I am interested in such topics so I will address page where it is cool described. gain instagram followers

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