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Thread: Birthday Thread

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    happy birthday
    Many health and money)))

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    Happy birthday mate. The domain isn’t into work anymore, and the world’s largest ebook library Bookzz has got a new domain name or its Alternative which would be fulfilling your request onwards.

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    Happy Birth day to all who having BD in this Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dzidzo View Post
    Help! What to give my bf? He is turning 22 in a week! He is a WoW pro gamer, loves art and reads philosophy at university. Any suggestions?
    Hi Dzidzo!
    Were I to give presents to WoW pro gamers I would certainly give a lot of gold For them it is like regular money but better and at the same time it is a very unusual present by the way

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    Mine is December 2nd, but usually it's time for my college exams. Writing papers is a torture for me! Thank God, I’ve found a necessary essay sample on this website. It helped me do my own paper.

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    My birthday is October 2nd. I am saving up for my birthday gift. It's an expensive Hermes bag. I've been saving since last year. But now I am not even close to the money I need for this bag. My cousin recommended me to read an article about replica Hermes Birkin bag by Dhana and I was shocked to see how identical the bag looks to the authentic Hermes bag that I saw in the Hermes store the other day. Even if I have the money, I still have to wait a long time for my Hermes bag. Maybe I will go for replica Hermes bag instead.

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