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Thread: i got 10 click but almost no earning why

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    Lightbulb i got 10 click but almost no earning why

    " i got 10 click but almost no earning why "
    " i got a 19% ratio why i dont earn 1$/4545 hits "
    theres tons of people that dont seem to get the base of linkbucks

    Answer :

    Let's do some math with my stat . to make it simple all rate are calculated for 1000 hits . one of the most important part of linkbuck is the performance score . this is the " quality " of your traffic . As US advertiser pay more to get their page view as theres more us advertiser and less china advertiser and there tons of tier 3-4 traffic

    only US Visitor got you 100% performance score
    Only China User Give you 10-15% or something like that

    for myself i have 81% thta because i have more usa member than other country .

    so i earn around
    0.17$/1000 with top banner and
    0.35$/1000 with intermition

    You can notice that there a 5cent diferance between the rate i should have and the actual rate . This can be for diferant thing . ex : the traffic i get from top banner could be better quality than intermition or more user use proxy to surf where my intermition link are
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