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Thread: Before you complain about your spam getting deleted

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    Arrow Before you complain about your spam getting deleted

    1. No spamming. No self-promotion. When in doubt, the answer is NO, DON'T POST IT.

    2. No bumping whatsoever! Meaning, if you need to add something to your post, use EDIT!

    3. No multiple creation of threads with the same topic! No double posting!

    Warnings most likely will not be given. Use the forums respectfully.

    GM42 edit:
    No mercy on spammers, even if it's borderline spam, minimum ban of 1 month is implemented. Multiple spammy threads one after another results in minimum 1 year ban.
    If you continue to spam by creating more accounts:
    -and are promoting your own site the hosting that you keep your website will be contacted and you will be shut down.
    -and are promoting affiliate links the affiliate company will be contacted and you will be banned.
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    I think you have the right idea! It doesn't only annoy you
    but some of us users as well.
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    That's great i can not but if i the i shoot spammers but there are cases that thread starter bump there thread have not knowing that what s/he is doing
    i am not sure what ll happen to thread starter replies of inquiries asked from thread starter

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    Default Good

    Good post steffi i think your knolewedge superb

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    I think we should have some authority of detecting and pointing spammers. So that we can make LB spam free.

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    in your threads


    There's the "report post" feature. ()
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    Helllo all,

    Good post , i think your knolewedge superb

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    Excused me,what is report post?If i click report post then what happened?
    Sorry for asking.

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    It looks like this You click it and fill a bit of info about what your reporting. Then you press send report. Like I was tempted to do when you replied to a post from 2010.

    The report goes to the moderators and they choose whether its worth deleting or ignoring.

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