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Thread: Any forums of maths??

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    At university, trying to pass the tests :P


    Ok, so you'll be better prepared for university then!

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    Hello! I have never been fond of math. This is quite boring and I don't find it attractive at all. If I had to do several tasks, I usually used assignment help companies to get everything done. I wasn't able to do it by myself because I like learning humanities. I like history and literature, for example.

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    Hello! Based on my experience, I'll tell you that in the variety of writing services can be confused. But you have to read the reviews. So I was able to find a really better and professional assignment service. Visit the resource, make an order of the necessary paper and you will see.

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    Hello guys! In my opinion, such forums are our of fashion now, Everybody knows it and I do. There are special apps for math now. You can read about photomath on computer on You will know how it works and will decide if this app suit you or you need a special forum. Good luck with it!

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