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Thread: My Payment is in Review / Poor performance

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    Lightbulb My Payment is in Review / Poor performance

    Earnings in review :

    Earning are put into review so Linkbucks can verify that your clicks are valid ...

    You may have three or four instant payments and then all of a sudden the fifth is reviewed.

    There's no sense contacting support because you will most likely just annoy them. They deal with technical problems and a payment in review is not a technical problem.

    It can take up to seven (7-14) business days to receive payment, but Linkbucks has never missed a payment!

    If it's in review, you will eventually get paid if your traffic is legitimate.

    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderBucks View Post
    We are cracking down on poor traffic earnings whether it was generated fraudulently or not. Your performance score is not a factor in this calculation.

    In the next few weeks we will be adding performance ratings to each link which will indicate that a link has very poor ad performance. Links with a low enough performance will cease to earn future earnings but still redirect to your destination site.

    There are many accounts under review so please be patient.
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