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Thread: Help! I need a good file sharing affiliate program

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    When making money is the main factor, Sharecash, hands down.

    If making your downloaders happy comes first, hotfiles.

    Those 2 are the best I am using.

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    Default Join Deposit Files

    Join depositfiles it pays 20% of your referral income and it also pays 8$ for 1000 downloads from us
    earn by sharing files

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    Dude use coz its the best and i can proved it to u.
    they pays 20$ for 1000 download
    you can earn 20% for ref
    10% for premium sales
    5% of premium sales if you r a site owner
    you can choice another type system
    than you can earn 70% of premium sales pays 41 countries for free user download
    and rest of the worlds for premium user download
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