We will delete spam posts, bump posts and in some cases your entire thread if we set fit.

Linkbucks staff have discussed moderating all new posts prior to them being visible on the message board.
This means you would not be able to see your new post or new thread until is approved by message board staff.

Avoid falling into any of the below categories

1. We're tired of seeing a post deleted at 2:10pm only to be replaced by a bump post at 2:12pm. Then the 2:12pm post is deleted and replaced with yet another bump at 4:01pm
Instant ban, No warnings

2. Machine-gun creation of threads with the same topic
This includes the Test Area

3. Bumping your thread every hour on the hour / three to four times a day. This includes the ones that have conversations with themselves just to bump

4. The idiots spamming every category with their credit card scam crap.
You are instantly and permanently banned

5. Posting unrelated material and/or posting in the wrong forum
You'll probably be warned the first time

As a general rule of thumb, if you're questioning whether or not you should be doing it, you're probably not.

Please respect the staff's wishes and add something to the community. Don't Spam!