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    Thumbs up Money Money Money



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    Part 1



    First off! I’d like to take time out to thank the dude in this forum who made a post asking how he could earn at least $2 per day.
    I thought this individual was a ridiculous clown till I ran across another post in which yet another guy was asking how he could make at least $1 per day.

    I’ve had a squidoo account for months but haven’t quite gotten around to publishing any articles yet.
    So, permit me to remove any allusions to irony in my sincere and unequivocal gratitude to you guys for giving me the impetus and inspiration to write this article.

    What on God’s BLUE earth does a guy want to earn $2 a day for?
    $2 a day!!??!!?? That’s $60 in a 30day month.


    What are you going to do with $60 a month? Please TELL!!!! coz, I’m itching to know with the obnoxious curiousity of a pop-star-fan waiting outside her porch in the early morning hours for the newspaper boy to bring in ‘Peoples Magazine.’
    Is $60 the tip you plan to slip into the janitor’s hand along with the key fob to your Jaguar XF 2010 ‘Premium Luxury pack’ as you stroll sprightly into the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco.

    And no!

    You’re not going to remind the janitor ‘not to look for the keyhole’ in the Jag, coz he already knows that the ‘Jag sensor’ detects the key fob in a 5m radius and automatically unlocks itself.

    Remember, the janitor’s been parking Buggattis, Ferraris, Porsches, Aston Martins and Bentleys all night long. He’s at home with ostentatious toys.
    Instead, tell the janitor not to park the Jag, too far off coz you won’t be for long.

    And yes indeed! You won’t be for long.
    Coz, you don’t believe in luck.
    You’re a winner! A shots caller! The type who makes his own luck.

    You might be in the hustle and bustle of a casino but you ain’t there to gamble.

    You order a glass of Taittinger and turn your back on the counter to take in the scenery.

    Your nostrils, suffocating with the quintessential smell of money swirling in the air;

    Your eyes hesitate over the blinding ‘bling bling’ glaring off Rolex, Breitling and Cartier wrists around the ‘Black Jack’ table, testifying to an unmistakable class;

    You catch yourself smirking and immediately recompose your demeanour.
    It’s your prodigious libido the matter.
    It wouldn’t have betrayed its unruly lust, if not of the glitter of Gucci, Tiffany and Chanel necklaces glowing with such intensity off the soft, little, kissable necks of exorbitant mistresses, that the Victorian chandelier hovering high above the Black Jack table looked kinda dim in comparison.

    The waiter calls your attention to the Taittinger. You flip out your gilded master card and settle the bill. The savoury caress of the clear effervescing liquid reeling over your tongue reminds you for the nth time that you’re in the same club with these fat cats whom you once envied.

    Now, you’re hitting the door.
    You were there for that feeling.
    You needed the reminder that you’re now in the big money club. Coz, sometimes, your new found wealth seems unreal, even to you.

    You rose faster than a hydrogen balloon held for too long under water.
    And you’re still rising.
    “This is YOUR TIME and nothing is about to stop you,” are the last thoughts on your mind as you settle behind the wheel of your Jag.

    What's the point?
    In case, you’ve read this far and still wondering, “what’s the saga all about?”
    I’d love to tell you what it’s about but why don’t we let shakira do the telling.
    Watch on Youtube
    Love the song Download it here
    In case, you’ve watched the youtube clip and still haven’t got the point.
    Then I’ll tell you which two phrases stand out of Shakira’s song “Give it up to me.”
    1. Anything in the world that you want; you CAN make it yours.
    2. NOTHING is too big or small.

    No greater effort is required in setting yourself a small goal as it is in setting a big goal.
    As Donald Trump puts it, “If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big.”

    You’ve got to muster more belief in yourself bro. What kind of goal is $2 per day?
    Why not $2000 per day?

    My opinion___ “any self-respecting dude, out here to make money, shouldn’t set a lesser goal for himself.”

    Trying to making $2 per day, bro? Trust me, you’ll make more than $2/day on any given corporate job.

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    Thumbs up Money Money Money

    Part 2

    Now everybody loves step by step.
    So I’ll give you THE step-by-step by which I’m about to pay myself a Jag in spite of the Obama/Bernanke inflationary policies.

    1. “Methods may vary but there are only a few principles that will lead you to any worthwhile achievement.” Ralph W. Emerson. There are indeed several methods from affiliate marketing, article marketing, blogging, taking surveys, uploading files, etc which just about anybody can do.
    Irrespective of the method you choose, you are not going to make it without any firm principle governing your quest.

    Hence, permit me to suggest at this juncture that you read Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Think and Grow Rich.’
    Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
    I hope you get from it the principles you need.
    I could suggest other great books. If you’re interested, I’ll tell you later on where to find me.

    BEWARE, do not delve into the world of self-development books without taking action, else you might risk becoming a self-development junkie.

    2. Everything is possible. The one thing which is not possible is something for nothing.
    You most completely root out the idea of “SOMETHING FOR NOTHING” from your mind. It is this all pervasive idea or more precisely ‘wish’ of getting something for nothing that is making the lotto and gambling industry so rich. If you’re into lotto, I guess by now (especially if you’ve read “Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill) that, I don’t have to tell you the dominant principle behind you actions.

    I work for a Pay per Install Company called LOUDMO. Beware, there are other pay per install companies out there which use blackhat methods. I strongly advise you to stay away from these.

    1. You’ll have to sign up with loudmo. You can sign up for free here
    Of course, you can always go directly to their website. Remember I’m not trying to get rich off you, but I’d appreciate it, if you joined through my affiliate link.
    Loudmo pays $1.50 per install. That’s $1,500 per 1000 installs.

    2. Once you sign up, loud mo will give you an affiliate link. There are two scenarions: for webmasters and internauts.
    For webmasters
    It would really be great if you have a website, especially and adult site. Nothing gets more guaranteed traffic than adult sites. If you’re interested in running an adult site, here’s a good script.
    Media XXX script v.1.2.3
    Don’t forget to thank me for the script. I bought it for $499.00

    You can visit my site here XXXSET
    If you want to run a video sharing site like youtube, here are some scripts.

    Here are some scripts.
    This script is free and it's designed by some pakistani guys. You can check out their website by researching clipbucket.

    You can visit my video sharing site here

    Skywav is a monumental failure. Yeah, guys I’ve had my share of failures. I’m keeping the site running to remind myself of the old days. Of course I’m going to shut down the site once the hosting period expires.
    In case, you’re interested, cirtexhosting is the best. And no, I’m not an affiliate you I won’t make any money if you choose cirtexhosting or any other video hosting site.

    Once you have your site running, create preferably a gateway. That way, anybody visiting your site must install the flv player in order to access your content. You'll notice that you can't access my adult site unless you install the flv player.

    I’ll tell you where to post your links at the end of this sub-section.

    For internauts (without a website)
    Your best tactic is to post your links as often as possible on the sites that matter. Loudmo advises its affiliate to write articles describing what a great product the flv player is.
    Bro! DO NOT follow that advice. Nobody reads these days and the few that do are unlikely to bring you sufficient installs for you to make any money. Remember, the secret to wealth is marketing to the MANY.

    For those who manage to read this far, here’s the ultimate reward. It’s the list of the top traffic sites which I’ve discovered so far.

    i. With youtube, you can put your links in the text description window.
    ii. This is an English mainly Indian Forum. Don’t post your mp3s here else you might just get banned.

    3. The forums I just mentioned allow you to put your loudmo link in your signature.
    Check out my signature below.
    That’s exactly what I’ve done with my signature.

    4. In order for your signature to be prominent, you’ll have to post, post and post. You can post anything from music, movies, software to ebooks. That way, you’ll get a double income stream. There are a couple of companies out there, that will host your files and pay you for every download.
    Oron has one of the highest paying rates of $10 per 1000downloads. File size and country of download are also taken into account.
    You can sign up for Oron here.

    I work with both fileserve and megaupload.
    Megaupload pays far less $1.5 per 1000 downloads.

    Oron is perharps the worst guys to work with. They pay $10 per 1000downloads and give premium users only 1TB of storage. Besides, a premium user can’t download more than 12GB a day.

    One curious company is depositefiles. If you work only with them, they claim to pay $30 per 1000 download. Downside! Even for premium users, your files will be deleted if no one downloads them for more than 80days.

    There is an awesome sensation in depositefiles making over $1000k per week. The guy’s pseudo is >>burtonfly<<
    It absolutely beats my mind hands down, how this “burtonfly” guy is pulling this stunt off.
    If you don’t believe me, google “burtonfly.” Besides, here’s a screenshot of the guy’s earnings.

    Depositefiles shows their top 10 performers on everyone’s earnings page, for motivational purposes obviously.

    I still recommend Oron. So long as you’re a premium member, these guys keep your files forever.

    Remember to shorten your links with linkbucks.

    If you’re still totally lost and still have no idea what the heck I’m talking about, PM the hot babe (keymatrix101) at
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    Thumbs up My Self Development Ebook Collection

    * 7 Hidden Psychological Secrets to Maximum Sales by Yanik Silver
    * 14 Reasons People Don't Reach Their Goals by Colin Dunbar
    * 101 Success Quotes Compiled by PT Cheng
    * A Course in Consciousness by Stanley Sobottka
    * A Happy Pocket Full of Money
    * A Life on Fire
    * Achieve Your Goals by Paul Myers
    * Acres Of Diamonds by Dr Russel H Conwell
    * Advanced Spiritual Marketing Joe Vitale
    * Attaining Your Desires by Letting Your Subconscious Mind Work for You by Genevieve Behrend
    * Character-Building Thought Power by Ralph Waldo Trine
    * Compensation by Ralph W Emerson
    * Creative Mind by Ernest Holmes
    * Creative Visualization by Bryan Kumar
    * Greatest Money Making Secret in History by Joe Vitale
    * Guaranteed SuccessThinking JimEdwards-
    * How To Finally Make Money and Achieve True Success Mike Litman & Jason Oman
    * How to Turn Your Ability into Cash by Earl Prevette
    * How to turn your Desires and Ideals into Reality by Brown Landone
    * In Search of Ourselves by David J Stoddard
    * In Tune with the Infinite by Ralph Waldo Trine
    * Inner Light Outer Wealth by Asoka Selvarajah
    * Inside The Minds of Winners by Charles Burke
    * Mental chemistry by Charles Haanel
    * Miracles of Words - James Middleton
    * No Time for Karma by Paxton Robey
    * Prosperity Points by Debra R O'Meara
    * Prosperity Through Thought-Force by Bruce MacLelland
    * Raising Humans
    * Rub Your Own Lamp
    * Speedwealth by T Harv Eker
    * Spiritual Laws by Ralph W Emerson
    * Spiritual Marketing
    * The 10 commandments of Power Positioning –MichelFortin
    * The Art of Money Getting by P T Barnum
    * The Creative Process in the Individual by Thomas Troward
    * The Dore Lectures on Mental Science - Thomas Troward
    * The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science - Thomas Troward
    * The Everyday 12-point Lifesaver
    * The Game of Life and How to Play it by Florence S Shinn
    * The Greatest Thing Ever Known by Ralph Waldo Trine
    * The Law and the Word by Thomas Troward
    * The Master Key System by Charles Haanel
    * The Rapid Manifestation Training Course by Song Chengxiang
    * The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason
    * The Science of Getting Rich by D Wattles
    * The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes
    * The Secret To Winning EveryTime by Jim Edwards
    * The Wayfarer on the Open Road by Ralph Waldo Trine
    * Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
    * Think and Grow Rich Workbook by Joe Vitale
    * wealth Beyond Reason
    * Wealth Consciousness by Roger Langpear
    * Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend

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    Thumbs up My Recommendations

    If you read more than FIVE of these ebooks without taking action,
    You need to pause
    Take a serious look at yourself
    and consider whether, you've become a a self-development junkie or not!

    My favourites are

    • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
    • Mental Chemistry by Charles Haanel
    • Wealth Consciousness by Roger Langpear

    You have heard before that knowledge is power
    I tell you, knowledge is neutral
    Applied knowledge is power
    All knowledge is vain save when there is work
    All work is empty save when there is love
    Work with love
    Love your work
    (The Prophet, 1923 by Kahlil Gibran, page 71)

    For those interested, "The prophet" is a sub-book in the book "Raising Humans"

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    Thumbs up 7 Hidden Psychological Secrets to Maximum Sales by Yanik Silver

    7 Hidden Psychological Secrets to Maximum Sales by Yanik Silver
    Just imagine what it would be like if you had the power write a few words and motivate, influence and persuade people to do just about anything you wanted? I have found the subject of persuasion endlessly fascinated. It never ceases to amaze me that I can write words on paper (or the computer screen) and then have people send me money.
    Inside this special report you'll find the little-known secrets and triggers I've discovered for getting people to say "Yes" and open their wallets.


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    Thumbs up 14 Reasons People Don't Reach Their Goals by Colin Dunbar

    14 Reasons People Don't Reach Their Goals by Colin Dunbar
    Yes, this is reason #0. As a result of not having coaching in what real goal setting is about, a lot of us don’t have specific goals, but rather just “go with the flow” and we live our lives day to day.
    It is sad how many people have wishes, but no goal. A goal is: A future incidence or event that is progressively worked towards. Chapter 4 in the eaziGOAL manual offers powerful reasons and benefits of having a goal.


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    Thumbs up 101 Success Quotes Compiled by PT Cheng

    101 Success Quotes Compiled by PT Cheng


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    Thumbs up A Course in Consciousness by Stanley Sobottka

    A Course in Consciousness by Stanley Sobottka
    1. What is the difference between a concept and Reality?
    a. A concept is a result of conceptualization, which is the process of separating and
    b. Conceptualization is a process learned in early childhood. The infant does not
    conceptualize because its intellect is undeveloped. In contrast, the sage has a welldeveloped
    intellect and conceptualizes but sees that separation is an illusion.
    c. Without conceptualization, there are no objects (e.g., in dreamless sleep, under
    anesthesia, or in samadhi) because, by definition, objects are always separate from
    each other.


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    Thumbs up A Life on Fire

    A Life on Fire


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