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Thread: Money Money Money

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    Default Make Money with Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian - Superstar (2007) DVDRiP

    This Video has been out since 2007, yet it's still being watch.
    I uploaded it to a couple of forums and got more than 600 downloads in just two weeks.
    Anyone interest can download it Plot
    She is the daughter of late OJ Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian and close friend of Paris Hilton. Kim Kardashian's celebrity is primarily attributed to her close association with Hilton. Ray J. is a best selling hip hop artist who has been linked with Lil' Kim and most recently Whitney Houston and when you see what he's packing, you'll know why.

    The full length Kim Kardashian Sex Video has finally been released. We are disappointed with Vivids editing and dubbing of the sex tape. But we know the fans still want to see, so here it is.

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    what is this thread really about?

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    in your threads


    Pooky: thanks for pointing that out, i'll lock it pending a PM from the OP.
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