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Thread: Gambling Web Hosting???

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    Quote Originally Posted by kanryan View Post
    You confused me a bit, do you just need web hosting?
    Try ProvisionHost at:
    I don't recall them saying anything about not allowing gambling sites. You can ask them directly through support.
    hi are you looking for the web hosting service then i guide you to visit here they provide 3 hosting plans you can choose the one among them based on your needs ..They have
    good customer support , low prices,they provide me required amount of space and bandwidth, and a good range
    of features. i felt happy with the service provided by them .

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    Guys thank's for a very usefull information! I will left the reply on my website

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    There is a lot of useful information in this thread. Thank you all for posting, this will be very helpful for my website about gambling. I found many interesting links about gambling web hosting.

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    is it good website: ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamingmaster42 View Post
    WTF is "bhumishqidc" and why havent I heard of "Mauritus"
    But if OP wants to start just a blog about gambling I think its safe to just contact some hosting companies e.g. ipage, godaddy, or just wait until qwerty has his own happy wheels game
    "Mauritus" - I have never heard of it before

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    You know your projects stand out of the herd. There is something special about them. It seems to me all of them are really brilliant!

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    One of the prerequisites for creating an online casino is the choice of reliable, high-quality hosting. The success of the continued functioning of the gambling platform depends on this decision. Accordingly, the operator needs to think about where his gambling project will be placed seriously. You can find out more detailed information at this address -

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