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Thread: Gambling Web Hosting???

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    When my father started playing, he didn't have a computer. The internet was so new he did not even have a phone. So, I would walk him and make the calls with him. I would play on the internet in the living room. The first thing he saw when he opened his computer was a on this website that offered the lowest games. All the video games (even the video games he had in the store at the time) were $1. A week later, I got him a $5 bill that was only $1. As he would learn to navigate the Internet, he quickly saw the savings, and when his wife's brother joined, the house went from $30,000 down to $10,000 and back up to $8,000 as they moved up to the bigger house.

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    I really like play casino games android. This has an advantage over the computer, you can play at work and at home and in public transport. I like that at this time you can make good money. Do you play in online casinos? If so, what was your biggest win?

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