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Thread: I need 1000 people that want to make thousands every month!

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    i downloaded 2 of them, cant say anything about mine thought :/.
    I couldnt get gamingmasters and someone else's to work.

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    Where did you send it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kikueno View Post
    Where did you send it?
    everyone's inbox on here... i will use email when i have a mass number of members

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    in your threads


    Yeah about that...
    I'm sorry everyone, but I have become extremely busy in recent days. I dont think I'll be able to do this right now. I might come back later when I have time, but, in current circumstances, i'm going to have to opt out. Sorry again
    Get some free Bitcoins every hour!

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    Didnt receive it? xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by benjamin05 View Post
    I am frankly says that your hiding your job details. If your are real person reveal your identity first. You are looking for online job Here you can make $75 per inline. survey. Just pay one time Fee. Easily make 1000 per day doing simple survey online. For more details visits .
    um... yeah dude, anything that requires a one time fee smells fishy. Plus not just anyone will perticipate with me... only real honest guys.

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    whose made money this month? another question... who wants to make more money next month?

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    if everyone that has viewed this thread would get in on this, money will be made. no bullshit, i hate people that wont try things out.

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