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Thread: How to increase traffic of my website?

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    The way which can help you to increase the traffic on your website are: Rss Feeds, Blog Commenting, Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Link Wheel, Forum Posting, Article Submission.

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    I find that Twitter works pretty well for traffic...if you know how to use it properly. It's not an instant result, though, since it takes some time to build up a large amount of followers. But give people what they want and the traffic will certainly come.

    Just avoid following minors and allowing minors to follow you if you're using it to get traffic to an adult site.
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    ee... that's what i was trying to say......

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    Default increase traffic

    first write and seo based article to related the website.
    submit this to all article submission sites.
    do some forum posting .
    do some social booking .
    You really get the more traffic.

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    Social Media Optimisation is the awesome way which can help to increase the traffic for your website and you can get the right person for your website.

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    As per my point of view, social sites are one of the best source to increase traffic because nowadays there are lots of users on social sites and its easy to drive them on your site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zacky22 View Post
    I'm looking for some tips to get more visitors of my porn blog. thanks in advance! merry x-mas!

    You can get good backlink by using seo technique
    Nowadays there are many seo tools available to increase your page rank.The seo tools are
    1.Article submission
    2.Social networking
    3.Affiliate marketing
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    Directory submission, bookmarking, article submission, forum posting, yahoo answer, blog posting and blog commenting are the best way for get traffic in your website you can do ppc also for getting more traffic

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    Blog Comments and Forums comments also provide great help to bring massive traffic on your site.

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