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    This might be self explanatory for some of you, but for others, they may not know where to start. So to start off, you must join Linkbucks. If you are not a member of Linkbucks, Join Here.

    Now that you have joined Linkbucks, go to the "Create Links" tab and wait for the whole page to load. Next, you have 3 options; to make a "Single Link" (converting to, to make "Multiple Links" (converting more than one link into a linkbucks link), and a third option to make a "Full Page Script". The Full Page Script option works best for blogs because you don't have to convert every single link in your blog.

    Next go to blogger and make a new blog. Log in and click " Create a Blog". Give you blog a blog title, blog address, and enter in the Word Verification. Press "Continue" and head to the next page. Choose you design and press "Continue". Follow the steps until you reach the point where they allow you to make a post. Forget that for now. Go to "Settings" and you will see your blog layout under "Page Elements". Got to Add a Gadget" and scroll down to "HTML/JavaScript".

    Now head back to Linkbucks and Make a fullpage script. to do this, you must go to "Create Links" and click "Full Page Script". In "Link Group Name" enter you blog title, don't touch "Link Exclusions", target options should be Clean, if you want an adult blog, make it adult. "Ad Type" is entirely up to you. If you want visitors to continue to return, I would recommend using side or top banner. This will earn you a bit of cash and your visitors will return. Intermission will ear you lots, but your visitors will stop coming to your blog. "Alias Url" can be anything you want it to be, and leave "Frequency Cap" as 0. This means that your visitor will continue to view linkbucks links throughout your blog, if they click links. If you put it to 1, then after viewing 1 link, your viewer won't view linkbucks links anymore. Press "Generate Javascript" and copy that code. Go back to blogspot and enter that code in the Html/Javascript box. Click "Add". Now if you enter a link, such as You will earn money from your posts when people click the link. I hope this helps you all out. I will be updated this with different methods to making money online.

    You can check out my blog and how I have added Linkbucks Full Page Script Here: Just For Jokes
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