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Thread: Where is "Understanding your earnings" ?

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    Default Where is "Understanding your earnings" ?

    I wish you luck with your new sticky categories idea ...

    The idea I had as Super Mod was to execute a search of the most popular topic threads that were constantly being repeated on this board ... I then ( in detail ) responded to those popular inquiries creating appropriately titled threads for each of the questions ...

    Now I am not sure what Admin Suzuki is instructing you to do in the Admin / Mod section ( if he instructed you at all concerning this) but I am more than sure "Understanding your earnings" is a question that will still be asked ...

    The "Understanding your earnings" thread was a comprehensive explanation that had high views which dramatically reduced repeated topic thread creations ... Now that thread is soft deleted or even deleted ? and it's contents is replaced with another title that masks a constantly asked earnings question ...

    Suzuki ? Can someone enlighten me why or how that vital "Understanding your earnings" Sticky thread lost it's relevance ... I do not understand your theory behind that decision ...

    And why every time I post I am always at 400 posts ...
    I was at 400 posts yesterday and now I am at 400 again ...
    What is going on here ?

    Reference :

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    I'm not sure why this was deleted. I restored it though.
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