This was the long awaited vacation ...
My parents own sick amounts of acreage in British Columbia Canada ...
No make-up
My hair is totally destroyed
Somewhat intoxicated as I hold Betsy ...
and as you see I am in no mood
*YES! that is my 12 gauge!!!*

Everyone was becoming nervous how I was holding my shotgun ... lol
I was eating a sour mint ...
That's the reason for the funny look on my face ...

My brother pulled the plug which gave my 12 gauge five (5) shots
instead of the normal three (3) shots ...
Loaded = (5) 2 3/4, magnum 00 Buckshot
*Notice, My finger is ALWAYS on the trigger!!!*
This is grizzly bear country ... I WILL shoot !!!
Explain it to the CMPs later !!!
*Stephanie, self appointed Marshal Dillon!* Ha!

Hey wait a second
Is that my boyfriend I see ... hmmmm ... lol
That's my brothers 30/30 Winchester!

Bulls eye
*Love my all terrain foot wear* ? ... lol