ah, so seeking entertainment? lol nice

btw, even though i dont have to prove this to anyone, i do enjoy bragging. anywho
my IQ is was rated at 139 points when i was 12. that was an adult IQ test. anyone over the IQ of 110 is above average.

do the math. einstein was 170IQ. check yours lol.

anyways, im done bragging about that.

just so you know, this whole argument WAS about much more than i let on. jsemi knows it too, it was about a few things that have been happening since he got promoted, and i finally decided to let my anger out. that is why simmcity was also angry.

but, i wont interfere in your business unless you do something that goes against the rules, so enjoy xD

and i also enjoy entertainment while waiting for something, so you arent alone.
btw-- another thing i didnt like about hte argument, was how jsemi decided to consider you for a promotion (admin and mod) just because you were against my opinion. im sure you also realize that it is just wrong to make someone a mod just because you share an opinion.