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Thread: What, if any, are your complaints about LB? Bugs?

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    Smile gali

    salar poot kuttar bacca suorer bacca. gu kha

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    Default Account Made Limited Without Any Reason

    My Account HAs Been MADe LIMITED without any reason.... please help me

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    Thank you!

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    Talking help i have alre

    and I have 10 dollars in my account
    but I can not cash
    I had not gone before please help me

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    This is for the good of advertisers:

    -It is possible for a person making use of adblock to view only the Linkbucks bar and not the associated advertisement. If I use, for example, and someone has Linkbucks whitelisted but not urlbeat, they'll see the Linkbucks bar and I will be paid for it as far as I can tell, but not the advertisement, which is attached to

    This duality clogs the system and hurts the ability for advertisers to get their product out. Finding a way to connect the various LB domains to the actual URL would be a good idea, I think.

    No other issues with the current interface that I can think of.

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    Default NO Earnings

    Hi! i can see clicks in my hits........but i can't see cash.Can i know why?

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    does the INTERMISSION ads really pause and fade in and fade out? because sometimes when i'm test browsing my site i thought my browser is freezing.

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    Why is you not put Croatia and Bosnia in payrates list. Thats european country and thay have much beter standard then many country in payrates 0.50 like Togo, Kenya, Albania...

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    Due to the fact he'd no solution, and if in the future everyone possesses this matter, has the solution.

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    Hi I'm having a small problem in which I would really appreciate some help, I'm trying to put the full page script into a wp site I'm building (its a movie site) and I would like that the script would only work when someone wants to download or view a movie, the thing is that the script is working with all the links of my site and I only want them to work with the download and view online links, is there any way to do it, thank you for reading and I would really appreciate a solution Peace

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