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Thread: What, if any, are your complaints about LB? Bugs?

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    Super slow at approving advertisement links even when its the same link you've used 100 times before. I hate waiting 24 hours for my advertisements to get placed up.... also even the high traffic links seem to bring in some slow traffic a lot of days.

    I ordered 10k hits and it took an hour to get 100 hits; also I've noticed 2k of the 10k I ordered I never actually got credit for through my provider.

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    Customer service got my email and handled my advertisement right away. I got about 100 hits in under 5 minutes. These guys rock, I just think they have too many requests to handle them quickly.

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    This kind of duality blocks the system and wounds the ability with regard to publishers to have the solution available. Discovering a way to be connected the various LB . domains on the true WEB ADDRESS will be a good plan, I think.

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    I wonder why not download the app is at mobidescargar.

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