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Thread: Website or Blog

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    Blog! because it has less features than Web and it is more for blogging purposes only

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    I would say that website is better than blogs for promoting your business online. Nowadays, its getting popular to promote business online for achieving success as well as good profits.

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    I would say a website with a blog interface. That way you have the best of both worlds and you don't have to worry about blogger/otherblog host shutting you down.

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    Blogging is just a different way to build a Web site. Its content is organized by the date/time of its "posts," which are what blogs call "Web pages" (even the word "posts" suggests time-sensitivity).

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    I think first you should make a website. Definitely you can earn handsome money from it. Then after you can create a blog. So I recommend you to make website first.

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    Building blogs is useful if you always have something to talk about. By following hot topics, you can attract more people to your blog and monetise that traffic in various ways. Websites can come afterward.

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    Arrow In my opinon

    In my opinion you should concentrate on any i mean website or blog but not in many amount. Make one or max two blogs and start posting and filling contents in that blog and drive as more traffic as you can which will definitely improve your blogs PR if it's non adult and then once you have good PR that is Page Rank you will be asked by the advertisers to post their media on your blog against large amount of money. This is good method when you have at least some skills of driving traffic and making more subscribers to your blog.
    This reply is really large but i hope you will find this helpful after all it's all up to you what to decide.

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    how it work i have one blog page rank 3
    blog tips

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    for me a blog, i mean wordpress blog is the best way to rush ur traffic

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    Blog Is The Easy Way
    4 Biggners

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