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Thread: The Brand New Twitter Method!

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    Quote Originally Posted by master101 View Post
    you show the code files 18.php
    mabye the 18.php was a way to keep track of which feeds where 18+
    because my feed.php works fine with 18+ ads
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    Twitter is a website, owned and operated by Twitter Inc., which offers a social networking and microblogging service, enabling its users to send and read messages called tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the user's profile page. Tweets are publicly visible by default; however, senders can restrict message delivery to just their followers. Users may subscribe to other users' tweets—this is known as following and subscribers are known as followers.

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    Sounds interesting. Hope it'll work out well for me. Thanks.

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    I found another way to convert any RSS into linkbucks links.

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    hm... not liking this method very much anymore.
    That 1/10 chance became like 1/2 for some reason, because most of the links being shot out from this feed don't use my linkbucks

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    It is just me or suddenly this method stop at all? I was finding strange that my usuals twitter clicks were getting very low and then i checked twitter and All my feeds went wrong and i cannot make news ones with the Another method gone ?

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