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Thread: *Sale* Trafficmethod (paypal only)

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    Default *Sale* Trafficmethod (paypal only)

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    click here to see it
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    Is this Nader from Stockholm ? ... You still trying to scam people ?

    ^^ All those intermission links lead to You Tube ^^

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    Here was his origional post

    What he posts on other boards :
    Does this look familer Nader ?

    Method for getting traffic via facebook for sale.

    10-15k clicks per day if done in the right way. Im not responsible if you're too dumb to get it to work. Me myself have earned about 60 USD on with this method. I discovered it a few days ago.

    The price is: 10 USD

    Paypal only

    msn: [email protected]

    or PM me here.

    It's a method to get traffic to your facebookpages.

    Its "swedish" traffic.
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