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Thread: Image Hosting which let's you add your own Linkbucks script

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    Yeah, you read it right. Are you someone who loves sharing images, especially on social networking sites and on certain communities? We have already image hosting sites around which offers us affiliate programs, but all of them only count one views as one per IP address. This means no matter how many images your audience views, it's still counted as 1 view on their affiliate programs. That's a little disappointing on the part of image uploader since giving more effort doesn't really give us the earnings we deserve.

    But now you can share images on SNS like Facebook, while using a Linkbucks intermission, which obviously yields more that what any other image hosting affiliate program can give you. This method works on Facebook as well as other sites which banned Linkbucks links.

    This share-and-earn scheme is ideal for:

    - Someone who owns a Facebook Page/Twitter Account with lots of fans/followers.
    - Someone who is a member of a Facebook Group, or any other SNS communities on the web.
    - Someone who is a content uploader, who uploads images like screenshots corresponding to their content on sites with lots of downloaders.
    - Someone who have a site/blog with image galleries for their audience to be viewed.
    - And more activities that demands a need for image uploading and sharing.

    Today, without the need of purchasing a web hosting solution and making your own image hosting site, THIS SITE will answer your needs. You just need to register and a simple configuration on your account and voila! You're all good with your image hosting + LinkBucks scheme.

    NOTE: This scheme is good to go for sharing both Family Safe and Adult Images. And it also is not limited to Linkbucks, but you can use it on another URL shortener network with affiliate program too. That which I won't mention since it most likely is against the rules here to promote other services on with Linkbucks.

    STEP 1: Register on THIS SITE.

    STEP 2: After registration and confirmation, login and go to the Account Settings Page. You then will see there a form with which have space for three codes. First one is for that "other URL Shortener network" so we'll just skip that. The second one is labeled "Linkbucks (Clean)" and the third is labeled "Linkbucks (Adult)".

    It's as it says, one's for non-adult contents and another one's for adult contents. Of course some of you might only be planning to upload either non-adult or adult images, but I suggest configuring both so you don't need to be bothered again in case a time comes when you need either one or another for image sharing.

    STEP 3: Get the Necessary Codes. (Adult and Non-adult have to be different codes)

    First you need to be registerd to Linkbucks, of course. Then Visit this URL and create a Full Page script there.

    To have a code, you need first to create a full page script. Configure it appropriately, if it should be Adult or Non-Adult. Of course to configure your account for both you will have to make two Full Page scripts. For those who either have bad eyes or just want to make sure, the code is always supposed to be 8-character.

    After making a Full Page script, get the code highlighted in red as shown in the image below:

    And that would be it. You can start uploading images and sharing them anywhere. And for each person who views your images, of course multiple image views by the same IP address gets counted as multiple views in your linkbucks code.

    Here's a screenshot after I tried it for the first time earlier today. I used an old Full Page script which isn't used yet, and started sharing adult images on communities. The past days in the graph is bad, since it's my old LB account and just started making a blog again to start earning with Linkbucks. Thanks to the site I found that I already am earning around a hundred views per hour in the past few hours.

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    Image hosting has gotten a lot better in recent years, and that's why my site here is doing so well right now. People said my website would never do well, and I've proven them wrong now.

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