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Thread: Ideas for website

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    You can use Facebook effectively for your purposes. Tania's suggestion is right. Blogspot is also good place when you can make your website or blog and put links.

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    you can use Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot... etc for build your own page and website, here you can put your links also.

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    There are many ways with which you can promote your website online on internet. I would like to share that some of the most effective methods for website promotion are: Social bookmarking, Forum posting, Link wheel and Blog commenting.

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    Twitter, facebook and linkedIn are the good places where you can add your website links

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    You can also use facebook, linkedIn social media
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    facebook is a good source of traffic especially big pages
    facebook friendly linkbucks masker

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    If you are a newbie don't have a much money to pay hosting, simple solution to start porn tube is register a domain then configure nameservers provided by in your domain registrar. Then after DNS configured login to your dashboard ad your niche ex: Asian, Arab, Incest, Amateur etc..
    After that ad LB full page script, juicy ads, Plugrush ads
    since your site is not supported in mobile so ad plugrush mobile redirect url in your dashboard

    If you want you may look my site:

    its quite simple and easy, I just started see how it goes
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    You can use blogspot to create a site or you can use they are providing a free hosting with 400Mb free space to create a site.

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    Social sites are becoming to spammy best make your site

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    you can make blog at any topic only trafic is sucess key
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