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Thread: the never ending story

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    Default the never ending story

    one night i was lying on my sofa watching tv when...

    ACTUALLy I WILL MAKE IT AS MUCH AS POSTS but no double posting... like you know you... u have posted and no one else have posted and you post again... get it? LOL i noe it is wierd

    Not too long posts

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    At this point, I had arrived at an idea--in this case, a "lesson" or value--about the story. Of course, I might have loved a different idea, such as:

    * The ridiculousness of the cattle blowing on the baby, or
    * The baby's love for the cattle, in spite of the awkwardness of their efforts to help.

    Regardless of the exact idea that I extracted from the story, I had now weighed in on the second side of the balance by eliciting what the story meant to me.
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    ... when my wife was cooking dinner. Or something I do not understand?

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