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Thread: Favorite Movie

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    I don't have a favorite movie.. I can say that I have a favorite genre . I love horror ones as I think that it's so cool to watch them as they help me to experience extreme emotions ! I know a good site where I found a platform for watching new movies.

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    My favorite movie is the Confession of A Shopaholic. I think that movie tells my life story. Just like the girl in the movie, Rebecca, I am crazy about designer bags and have wasted tons of money on luxury brands. Until one day I was drowning in debts, it suddenly struck me how stupid I was to drag myself in this dilemma by paying for the brand name. Luckily for me, I found this replica designer guide by Dhana and stopped this craziness immediately! Nowadays, the quality of replicas are on a par with many designer house quality. So why pay more?

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