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Thread: Favorite Song ?

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    Default Favorite Song ?

    I had a quick look and couldn't find a similar topic so if one has already been made alert me and I'll delete this one. Its hard to choose for me because I listen to everything from metal to classical my favorite has to be
    Neil Young - Old Man

    Here's a link to the song
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    hard to point one. Love all different types of song and artists. And my taste for song always change with time. Right now I like Mumm-Ra - She's Got You High. It's a old song but new for me

    Here's the link

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    My favorite song is Purple Rain, by Prince.
    Once you look past your problems with Prince, which so many people have, and sit down and listen to the song, it is absolutely amazing. The guitar is awesome, the lyrics are so perfect. I honestly have to just stop what I am doing, sit down, and listen when it comes on.

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    My favorite song of this moment is you are not Alone by Micheal Jackson...

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    My Favorite song is "show me the meaning of being lonely"........

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    My Favorite Songs Are:
    - My Heart Will Go On
    - Right Now
    - Beautiful
    - Tonight
    - I Miss You Baby

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    Dangerous by Micheal Jackson.

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    My favorite tracks are follows:
    1. Teen age dream by Katy perry
    2. Firework by katy perry
    3. Waka Waka by Shakira.

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    "My dream is to fly" is mine favorite song.

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    I want it that way
    A great great song of backstreet boys is my most favorite song
    i wana listen it again and again

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