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Thread: Favorite Movie

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    I like lord of the rings and palm fiction.

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    yeah, guy ritchie is good)

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    Sin City! Gorgeous film!!!

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    2nd is The Lord of the Rings!

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    almost all movies with Tom Hanks, Leo DiCaprio

    The shawshank redemption
    American history X
    The godfather

    Regularly review The Lord of the Rings, Back to the future, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alien

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    The Godfather. All 3 films )

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    Also like Saw. The 1st 2 films )

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    Hello! I like the Star Wars space saga. Wise little master Yoda

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    The best movies for me are The Bodyguard, Bridge of Spies, The Blind Side and Interstellar. Of course, there are many great films, but not all of them make me watch them again and again. Usually I look through the libraries of Kodi movie addons on Amazon FireTv to choose a film that I want to watch. How do you decide what movie to watch?

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