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Thread: Favorite Food

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    I prefer only health food and even don't eat meat. My favorite dish is fish! Also I buy different supplements for health. Recently I found cool thing, it is CBD gummies from they help me to reduce stress after work! I liked that they are natural.

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    Favourite food? I think the unhealthiest one. Fast food such as hamburgers, pizzas, snacks. It's my guilty pleasure. And also vaping is something I like but try not to overdo with it. Recently found a new vape juice and I haven't even tried it yet because I hold myself back.

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    Don't think that vaping is a good thing (

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    My favorite would be bread but offlate i have been struggling with my appetite! And so i heard from a friend about Kratom and all of its benefits he also told about this place to purchase Kratom cheap and ever since then i have gotten back to eating normally! I love it!

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    My favorite food is caviar and everything with it. Surely, it is necessary to choose the correct caviar from the reliable supplier like and to enjoy the taste of the favorite meal.

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