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Thread: LinkBucks turns Elite

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    Default LinkBucks turns Elite

    Thought I'd post this here.
    For those who don't know PTC Investigations is a site that reviews all different types of GPT sites like paid to click, survey sites, and sites like linkbucks.

    Their policy is that they make new sites "ongoing investigation", after some months they put it on "legit" if its paying, and if its paying for over 2 years, it turns "elite. Very few sites are elite.

    Today the admin moved LinkBucks to the Elite List.
    We are moving from our Legit list to the Elite List. Site has been online and paying for over 2 years without any major problems.
    This is a great honor for LinkBucks. Why?
    On the Elite list as of today, there are little over 30 sites.

    But on for example the scam list, you have about 600.

    This move verifies LinkBucks dedication to members and advertisers alike and shows how LB will continue to dominate its industry

    So congrats to LB, the members who have made this possible and of course the advertisers

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    Great post. Thanks for the info.
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    That is why I am damn proud of being part of LB!

    Thanks gaming.. for the info

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    An elite list is a special type of list that is generally more powerful than normal list. A character may only place one elite in his skill bar at a time; putting a second one will cause the first to be automatically removed.
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    This is some new and enlightening news for me. It must be a real achievement for LinkBucks to be given the honor of upgrading itself into the “Elite List” after the PTC Investigations reviewed them for over two years. I am sure that they will start getting a lot more clients after this special place!!
    Lets hope for the best
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    Default dee krub

    ^^ Thanks gaming.. for the info

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    Great news guys. Also thanks for keeping this site active.

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    i am happy that i am a part of this community
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    Thanks gaming, congratz guys!

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