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Thread: Now that we can't popup...

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    Ok... Will just ignore the posts saying that pop-up is still working.

    And you have a point, Mirage.
    Soon, the new script for popups will be in place and we can expect some decrease in our earnings. So then the dilemma begins. We can stick with popups and still get the same ammount of clicks (maight be good if you link to your images/links in any pay2share) and receive less from linkbucks or we could try intermission and get fewer clicks (since few will have the patience to click some more than a few links at your gallery) and try to maintain the earning at LB.

    Was wondering if anyone uses top banner and what are the results. Maybe there is a worthy way to use it?

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    When i use intermission before i got 50% of my clicks now....inter. pays more but ppl doesnt like to click on it and the intermission today is different from the intermission before it is more annoying now with these more windows from Adultadword....and before when user clicks on "Click here to make cash" he become your ref automaticaly if he it isn't like that.
    This is for now...

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    Perhaps LB should start offering layer ads.

    When done right those are virtualy unblockable and they can be made to look just like a pop up.

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    i love popup i usually get more clicks from popup rather thn intermission

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