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Thread: Favorite Actor?

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    My favorite actor are
    Tom Cruise
    Vin Diesel
    Brad Pitt

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    My favourite actor is the only
    The Rock
    Nothing is impossible.Try and Try until you succeed

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    Robert Downey Jr. This guy knows how to speak. If you have seen Iron Man and Avenger movie series, you knew what I am talking about. He is a good actor.

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    Thumbs down those guys suck!

    Quote Originally Posted by ahmedronaldo View Post
    my favourite is
    Tom Cruise
    Brad Pitt
    those guys suck!!!! want to see a good actor, check out val kilmer and vincent d'onofrio in "The Salton Sea"
    while I Cruise your Pitt to the Dep Sea!

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    I'm a big fan of Tom Cruise. In 2018, he released Mission Impossible 6: Fallout. It's really impressed me a lot <3 He's the best actor I've ever watched before

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    Me too.....

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