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Thread: [18+]NOOBS Click Here! evryone click here! my methods for making $$

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    Default [18+]NOOBS Click Here! evryone click here! my methods for making $$

    EDIT: someone requested another resource besides
    so in a week or 2 i will give instructions for taking galleries from
    another place to steal galleries..

    I am going to tell you now, how to make money with linkbucks.
    This is only ONE of my methods of making money on linkbucks.
    First, go to
    and then go get some galleries codes by scrolling all the way down to the end of the page, clicking on "Or generate html/bbcode here"
    a new window will pop up, with the pictures and a blank box under it.
    above that blank box, click "select all" and then copy that whole code, put it thru linkbucks.
    now copy and paste that code into a notepad document.
    open 5 new windows/tabs
    in those tabs put these websites in

    and post all the codes in there, with an eye catching title like
    "So Much Sexy Amateurs! Click Now!"
    dont get banned from there or obey their rules...

    if there are any questions post them. and if anyone wants to know my other methods, PM me.


    detailed for noobs who dont understand:
    Credit to Dillbills for creating this detailed post .. should help noobs out better =D

    First Of All , If you want to make some easy CASH just follow these steps:

    1st Step:

    Make sure your registered at #1 Priority BIG DUMY IF YOUR NOT


    2nd Step:

    Go Here -->

    After you are there, Click the tab (GALLERIES) at the top left.

    Now after you clicked the (GALLERIES) tab, you will see different Genres like "AMATUER" "ASSES" "BLONDES" etc.....

    The genres TEEN and AMATUER are the best so click on of those.

    After you click TEEN or AMATUER scroll down and It will say something like "GALLERY NAME" "IMAGES" "QUALITY" etc.

    Look for a Gallery with About 20 - 100 images and with a HIGH quality....

    After you find one you like, Click the gallery, Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the gallery and you will see somethin that says this

    "To link to this gallery use :
    Or generate html/bbcode here

    Click were it says "Or Generate html/bbcode here"

    Click the bullet that says "HTML with BBCodes "

    Then go to the drop down list and select "4 Images Per Row"

    Then hit "SELECT ALL"

    After you hit "SELECT ALL" below that there will be a code COPY THE WHOLE CODE

    3rd Step:

    Then after you copy the WHOLE CODE go here -->

    Name it what ever you want , and then PASTE the code into the HTML / BBcode Box.

    AFter that scroll down , and change the "Landing Page Content is:" to "Adult 18+"

    4th Step:

    Go to both of these sites.

    Step 5:

    Register at both forums ITS FREE

    After that just COPY/PASTE the code from linkbucks that you made into one of the forum categories and you will instantly start making Bucks. =]

    Make sure you name the TOPIC somethin catchy like "HOT TEEN PICS CLICK NOW"

    Hope some of this info helped you . =]


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