I would suggest the link in my signature. Minimum payout is 20 USD; once you reach it the check will be automatically sent come the 15th of the next month.

A full rundown of its perks:

-You get 1 USD for joining.

-You can check in (which takes a few seconds) and get 0.03 USD each day. Log in every day in a month, and you earn a 50 cent bonus. So that's 17 USD yearly just for logging in!

-Very often, videos worth 2-3 cents pop up, and can often be rewatched multiple times. I must have made several dollars off some of the things. Some of them are also fairly entertaining, so it's like being paid to Youtube.

-You get paid 2 cents per every search you do with their toolbar. Limit of 20 cents per day. So 73 USD yearly, just for searching stuff you do every day.

-You can take surveys, which vary from paying 0.50 USD to 0.80 USD. If you have some time to kill, easily a way to make a ton.

-You can also fulfill numerous simple offers, such as signing up for samples of products. I've got numerous samples of shampoo and Tempur-Pedic foam, for example, and was paid well for a quick signup!

-You earn 20% of your referral's earnings, and 10% of what they make. As you get more referrals, this rate goes up, as well.

In conclusion, with almost zero work, you make 90 USD a year just for doing searches and taking a second to check in every day. Not too bad at all! If you or anyone you know make regular use of the internet, this is a stupid easy way to make some extra cash.


-The site is best for American users, HOWEVER, non-USA residents can still make plenty of money by referring USA users.


A payment proof is included in my welcome message there, though you can also ask for one here and I'll give you it.