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Thread: IMPORTANT, for Admni: error in creating multiple links!

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    It counts as intermission. it's a mistake!

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    no it doesnt

    i just realized why it did for me the whole time

    the host/halfhost i use has frame breakout scripts so it autointermissions them

    just so you know, sharedimages DOES allow multiple domains for images..the hotlinkimage one has framebreakout script, and imagefoco one doesnt.

    you pick which one you want to get the code for WHEN you click "get codes"

    so yeah

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    stop advertising sharedimages with the reference =P
    It might works on some of us =]. I tried, it kinda suxors, i want an image hosting where i can upload 100 MB+ Zip/Rar (prefer Rar) with no limit on how many files are in the archive.

    Anywayz, I like linkbucks cause it got simple. About the multiple link generation thingy, it still buggy and it only seem to works for BB code or HTML, What if i want to mask links or rapidsharelinks, wish they allow multiple url conversion as well.

    Anywayz, The type ads drop down doesn't work, it just set everything to topbanner regardless of the choice as for the counter and payout - i'm unsure, but it seem to be topbanner payout.

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    yeah . i hopeeeee this get fixed soon . i only gained like half of ytd even with same number of clicks

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    When I choose intermission, the links are not only labeled as top frame, they also SHOW top frame. So I don't think they'd count as intermission.

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